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For Children

Dr. Domann and Dr. Orfanos are often asked why do you want to see my child at 7, and the answer is easy - to prevent future issues.

Early orthodontic treatment, before all permanent teeth are erupted, is often used to correct growth & spacing issues. Dr. Domann and Dr. Orfanos feel very strongly that Phase I or early treatment should be brief, 12 months or less if necessary. Issues that often require early Phase I treatment are:

  • Front teeth too far forward and a fall may result in broken front teeth
  • Lower jaw in front of upper jaw
  • Upper jaw trapped inside lower jaw
  • Baby teeth are crowded and no space for permanent teeth
  • Thumb or finger habit
  • Crossbite

Phase I treatment does not guarantee that Phase II treatment can be avoided. In fact, Phase II will most likely follow Phase I at the appropriate time and may be less complicated. The benefits of Phase I treatment include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Reduce likelihood of impacted teeth that may require surgical intervention
  2. Avoid extraction of permanent teeth in the future
  3. Correct abnormal or unsymmetrical facial growth
  4. Eliminate speech problems
  5. Prevent surgery
  6. Possibly improve airway

Phase I may not eliminate all issues but will greatly reduce the severity. Often times our younger patients are far better patients due to their age!