Specializing in Smiles

Why Braces

Why Braces?

  • It is a proven fact that a great smile will open many doors throughout your lifetime.
  • It is an investment in your self-confidence.
  • Your overall health may be improved with your teeth in proper alignment.
  • It is helpful in creating facial harmony and aiding in proper facial growth.

How Does Orthodontic Treatment work?

First a treatment plan with the patient in mind has to be formulated. Orthodontics is not a science where one size fits all. Once a treatment plan is agreed upon by Dr. Domann or Dr. Orfanos, and the patient, the appropriate appliances are placed. These appliances may be metal, plastic, ceramic, or stainless steel. They may be removable or bonded, colored or clear. Carefully placed and controlled force over a period of time will direct the teeth to the corrected position. You will be asked to revisit our office on a specific timetable so adjustments may be made to assure that treatment is progressing as planned.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Treatment can be anywhere from months to years depending on the desired goal. Our doctors strive to minimize the time in braces as much as possible. You, as the patient have the most control over length of treatment, which includes keeping appointments on schedule, not breaking any appliances, and wearing elastics and appliances as prescribed. Your growth and development are also important to staying on schedule.

But, please remember if Dr. Domann or Dr. Orfanos says treatment will be 18 months do not show up exactly 18 months from the day the braces are placed and expect them off that day! Dr. Domann and Dr. Orfanos will keep the patient and parents informed of the treatment progress.